Milk & Honey features gowns in sizes 0-30, ensuring that we have styles for everyone.
Our gowns are not “plus-size” patterns, which sometimes sacrifice style and quality;
every style is available in a full range of sizes.


While we cater to the curvy bride, we welcome brides of all shapes and sizes.

If you are smaller or larger than our average size range, please give us a call,
so that we can tailor an appointment to best suit your needs.


Bonus! Our accessories are one size fits all!

Milk & Honey is proud to offer private and
semi-private consultations.


Scheduling an appointment with Milk & Honey
allows us to fully dedicate ourselves to you,
ensuring that your experience
is everything it should be.


While appointments are preferred,
walk-ins are welcome but cannot
always be guaranteed.

Bridal appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes,
and usually last between an hour to an hour and a half.

You will have a spacious fitting room and a private viewing area for you and your guests.


No waiting for a mirror. No comparisons. No judgement.
Lots of fun, plenty of memories,
and maybe some happy tears.

Please bring your preferred undergarments and shoes, if you like, as try-on bras and shoes often don’t fit well
(and can be a little icky, honestly).


If you have pictures (hello, Pinterest!), we’d love to see your ideas, so bring those along, too.


Due to space limitations, please limit your guests to a maximum of four of your nearest and dearest.
Besides, it’s more fun that way, we promise!


For the safety of little ones, and as a courtesy to others, please call ahead if you are planning to bring children along,
so that we can schedule your appointment accordingly.


If you have a larger group, or would like a more specialized experience,
please ask us about our private Soiree Bride appointments.

Currently, the bridal collection ranges
from about $900-$4500.


Please head to the Designers tab in our menu
to browse the full list of offerings we carry.

In a word: yikes!


For every success story, there are plenty more nightmares out there.


Most designers do not allow their styles to be sold online, instead choosing to work with select authorized retailers.
There are a lot of unknowns when ordering a bridal gown over the internet,
including damaged or counterfeit pieces, or worse.
When problems arise, brides could find themselves with no recourse.


Designers and local bridal shops pride themselves on the quality of both their products and service.
We hope you’ll put your trust in a full-service bridal shop, be it Milk & Honey or elsewhere,
and allow us to show you why we’re worth it.